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Captain Hani Alsohaibi


Captain Hani Alsohaibi at a glance

Captain Hani Alsohaibi is the youngest son of the late Sheik Shamsan Alsohaibi, a prominent business entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia since 1948. Capt Hani has been actively engaged in the aviation industry since the last 28 years. His hard work has been realized from his practical profession and experience with the Airlines, General Aviation and the Armed Force Services. Capt Hani Alsohaibi was also the first Saudi Arabian Captain to ever fly for a major airline in the United States of America and the first Saudi Airline Instructor. At the time of his upgrade from First Office to Captain at Carnival Airlines, Capt Hani Alsohaibi was distinguished as the youngest captain at the airline at the age of 25.

Captain Hani Alsohaibi was born and raised in Jeddah Saudi Arabia until the age of eleven. At the age of twelve, his family moved to Columbia Missouri in the United States where he spent his entire teen years to his adult hood. He attended West Junior High and graduated high school from Hickman High School.

He was the only senior at high school that graduated one semester earlier then his entire high school senior year class. By January 1982 he was already enrolled at University of Missouri. He attended both local University and College as to broaden his curriculum horizon with specialty courses available at each institution. This was typical of Capt Hani who was always seeking to further his studies and have a broader choice of institutional teaching. He graduated from the University of Missouri and Columbia College with honors inscribed in the dean’s honor roll list.

This experience combined with skillfulness, talent and determination was truly the bench mark for leadership in SOFAB Group. Captain Alsohaibi founded SOFAB Aerospace & SOFAB Safety Security Systems in 1997 under Trust Middle East Company Saudi Arabia and SOFAB Aerospace USA. Both companies are the result of many years of service and experience as a Captain for Carnival Airlines USA, Saudi Arabia Airlines and the Saudi Arabia Armed Forces. His previous business background, education, aeronautical knowledge and devotion to the aviation field, have declared him as one of the leading aviation expert authority with total understanding of the Saudi Arabia aeronautical needs.

SOFAB Aerospace Corp is an independent USA registered company that is actively pursuing aviation related marketing sales and services in the USA and Middle East. SOFAB Aerospace has built a foundation of experts to include local and imported talent as well as vast experience senior management team that include, Retired General from the Saudi Civil Defense, Retired General from the Syrian Air Force, Retired General from the Saudi Navy Special Forces Division, senior Financial Analyst with 30 years experience, senior System Analysis from USA and IT Director with 25 years experience in the this field. The company has been also has been actively engaged in aviation consultancy, management, aircraft sales, and most recently local airline development strategies. Currently, SOFAB Aerospace Corp and Trust Middle East Company have both mutually presented a Saudi Local Airline Solution to the Saudi Royal Court and the Saudi Monetary Agency. Once approved, it will be the first true publically joint governmental ownership company in the Middle East. This direct approach is the first of its kind that can serve the public and government interest simultaneously. This solution will relinquish the need to privatize any old airlines and render the local government with the influence and the local fulfillment it has longed for.


Capt. Alsohaibi has acquired an impressive “in command” aeronautical experience curriculum to include the following equipment and positions:

Certified Captain on the following Aircrafts:

  • B747-200/300,
  • B737-400,
  • B737-200,
  • Falcon 900B, (DR-50)
  • Gulfstream II,III, (G1159)
  • Citation I,II
  • Lear Jet 25,35
  • Helicopters, (Commercial, Instrument, Certification)
  • Sea Planes, (Commercial Certification)


Degrees Achieved:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
  • Associate in Science in Data Processing.
  • Associate in Arts in Mathematics.

Career Positions:

  • General Aviation Instructor, CFI,CFII,MEI,
    • Columbia Missouri USA,(1983-1986).
        • Single and Twin Engine Aircrafts.
  • Pilot, Saudi Arabia Armed Forces,
    • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,(1986-1991).
        • Line Pilot for the Armed Forces Medical Services.
        • Veteran of the First Saudi Gulf War, 1991.
        • Continuous Mission Sorties, Gulf War 1.
  • Captain Carnival Airlines, (US FAR 121 Airline).
    • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA,(1991-1996).
        • Line Captain (Aircraft).
        • Instructor Captain (Simulators).
  • Captain Saudi Arabian Airlines,
    • Jeddah Saudi Arabia,(1998-2004).
        • Line Captain. (Aircraft).
        • Instructor Captain (Aircraft).
        • Check Pilot (Aircraft).
  • President Trust Middle East Company,
    • Jeddah Saudi Arabia, (2004 to present).
  • President Alahanf Trading Company,
    • Jeddah Saudi Arabia, (2004 to present).


  • Saudi Arabia Elementary School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, (1st Grade to 6th Grade).
  • ALFarouk Junior High School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, (7th Grade).
  • West Junior High School, Columbia, Missouri, USA, (8th Grade & 9th Grade).
  • Hickman High School, Columbia, Missouri, USA, (10th Grade to 12th Grade)
    • Graduated high school half a year prior to the entire senior year class, Dec 1981.
  • University of Missouri Columbia, Columbia, Missouri, USA, (1st Year University to 4th Year University). January 1982.
  • Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, USA, (1st Year University to 4th Year University). January 1982.

Capt Hani Alsohaibi private contact:
Work Mobile: +966 546 264 940

If no answer, please contact the company secretary Miss Riza at email: manager@sofab.cc
Mobile: +966 546 265 541


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